Washington County, MN is the 3rd fastest growing county in Minnesota!

Washington County’s diverse and beautiful communities are 15-minutes from the MSP International Airport and 10-minutes from downtown St. Paul. With an abundance of affordable land ranging from 5 to 300 acres, businesses can locate in the county and have less traffic than they would in the West Metro. Plus, Washington County has a highly-educated and growing labor pool, with 100,000 people leaving the county for work every day - people that could easily work for relocating businesses. With available land, talent, financial incentives and a business loan fund, businesses locating in Washington County have access to the resources they need to grow.

Washington County is open for development and is inviting businesses and investors to participate in the county’s growth. The opportunities to grow with us are plentiful as many businesses and families are choosing to move to the East Metro. Some are moving to be near the stunning St. Croix River and Mississippi River or to be surrounded by panoramic natural beauty and year-round recreation opportunities. Others are benefitting from the excellent schools and the County’s affordable and safe communities.  

For those interested in relocating to Washington County, Washington County Community Development Agency is a go-to resource for information, incentives, technical assistance and development opportunities. Contact us for information, resources or to be connected with individual communities.

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