Site Selection

Washington County is close and connected, both to the Twin Cities MSA and to 18 Fortune 500 companies, including the world headquarters of 3M. Washington County businesses can be at the MSP International Airport in 15-minutes and downtown St. Paul in 10-minutes! In addition, Washington County businesses are within 30-minutes of the Fortune 500 companies who call Minnesota home. In addition to being perfectly situation, we have the land businesses need to grow ranging from 5 to 300-acres. 

National and Global Companies within Minutes of Washington County 

Drive thirty minutes or less to reach the headquarters of:

united healthcare
best buy
xcel energy

st jude medical

 And more!

The Right Location for Any Business

We are an ideal destination for businesses of any size to locate. Within the Twin Cities region, we are known for our abundance of available property. We have available industrial, office and retail space, along with sites where larger corporate complexes, warehouses, data centers and manufacturing facilities can be built. This is one of the few places in the country where you can purchase a 40-acre parcel of land that is only 20-minutes from a major international airport!

Local Talent

In addition, we have a large labor shed to pull from with over 100,000 residents living in the county but commuting within the Minneapolis/St. Paul region for work - most of which would prefer to work closer to home. These numbers are expected to grow, as the 25 to 34-year-old demographic is projected to increase by 65 percent within the county from 2020 to 2030. 

In addition, our region is home to one of the largest concentrations of colleges and universities within the country. Tens of thousands of students are graduating every year - students who enjoy the area and would like to stay. This provides incredible opportunities for businesses to hire recent graduates. Attracting more established talent is also possible, given the many quality of life amenities that Washington County has to offer. After all, this is one of the few places where you can reach a major city within 10-minutes while still having the privacy and safety of living in a smaller community. Truly this is the best of both worlds for families, and the best place for businesses looking to recruit established talent. 

Tax and Regulatory Climate

Washington County has taken steps to cut red tape and make it as easy as possible to locate or grow a business within the county. Businesses benefit from our hands-on approach to providing support and can count on us to assist if any regulatory or permitting challenge were to arise. In addition, Washington County has the 3rd lowest property taxes in the state - a significant cost savings for relocating businesses.


Utility rates are affordable and service is dependable in Washington County. Plus, with border to border broadband, businesses have the internet speeds they need to get things done quickly. 

We Can Help You

Washington County Community Development assists site selectors by providing information, data and direct support. Contact us to learn more about our location benefits (we are 10-minutes to Minneapolis/St. Paul and 15-minutes to the airport), our diverse industry clusters, available real estate and large labor shed.