Do I have to apply?

Yes, an application is required. An online Application form must be completed and submitted to us for processing and potential placement.

What’s the charge for membership?

This is a free program. The cost is paid for by Washington County and our Chamber partners.

What criteria exist to participate?

The minimum requirements to participate in the program are:

  • You must be responsible for the full operation of a qualifying business (e.g., CEO, President, Chair, Managing Partner, etc.). 
  • Your company should have been in business for at least two years.
  • You have three or more full-time employees.
  • You commit to attending the monthly meeting (10 months of the year).
  • Your annual revenue is at least $500,000, not more than $5 million.

Once accepted and placed, when do I meet with my roundtable?

The roundtable sets its meeting schedule for the same time and day of the month and members should reserve that time on their calendar for the 10-month period.

I am not sure I can plan my schedule an entire year out. Can I just go when I can make It?

Members must commit to being at their roundtable’s monthly meeting for the maximum benefit. However, if needed, members can miss no more than three meetings yearly and not more than two in a row.

How do roundtables work?

Each person in the roundtable will bring issues and questions important to them and their business to the roundtable group for feedback and advice. From these issues, the facilitator, with the group, will select and prioritize the meeting agenda. 

Where are monthly meetings held?


Can I tell my business colleagues how roundtable members handled their business problems?

This is a confidential program. All discussions and insights from your roundtable are not open for sharing with those outside of your table. Each participant signs a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure everyone’s privacy and the integrity of the table.

Can I pitch my products/services to other roundtable members?

ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING. While some participants may ultimately form bonds that lead to future business relationships or collaborations, roundtable members are strictly prohibited from pitching or selling of any kin

How do I renew my roundtable membership?

At the end of each 10-month period, participants in good standing with the Chamber will receive a renewal survey in which they outline preferences for continuing, moving to a new table, or ending their participation.

What If I don’t feel the roundtable is a good fit once I attend?

Meeting and getting to know the members of your table will take a while and more than one meeting. It is our hope you attend a few sessions before deciding to leave. We have found new participants quickly acclimate to the group. However, on the rare occasion a good connection is just not possible, please let your facilitator know your concerns.

I don’t have the title CEO. Does this mean I can’t join this program?

For the CEO roundtable, you must be the final decision maker. That means you are the owner, president, CEO, executive director, etc.

What happens if I change jobs or move to another Industry? Do I get to stay with my table?

We take each change on a case-by-case basis and evaluate it appropriately. If you are in transition, you are given a limited time to retain a similar title/position with a non-conflicting roundtable member. If not, we will reevaluate your participation based on your new title.