As the 3rd fastest growing county in Minnesota, Washington County has prepared for growth and will continue to invest in infrastructure. This focus benefits businesses looking to locate near the MSP International Airport, the Twin Cities and in the Minnesota Technology Corridor, of which Washington County is a part. In fact, we have thousands of undeveloped land on the interstate that already has broadband and utility access.

Washington County also benefits from the state’s commitment to dependable infrastructure. Whether a business manufactures and distributes a product using our rail or interstate access, or has a data center requiring significant energy and broadband - Washington County has the infrastructure necessary to take care of business without delay.

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One of Washington County’s greatest assets is its proximity to the airport. Businesses can reach one of the largest international airports in the country in just 15-minutes. Whether shipping products by air or flying to meet clients, this level of access saves businesses time and money.

Businesses transporting products by rail or the interstate also benefit from a location in Washington County. I-94, I-35, and U.S. Routes 61, 10 and 8 all run through the county, providing quick access to the Twin Cities, all of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the rest of the country. For rail transportation, businesses can utilize the nearby BNSF Railway or Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Broadband is one of today’s most valuable infrastructure assets because it creates business opportunities. Washington County has invested in broadband to ensure businesses have what they need to succeed. We are part of the Minnesota Technology Corridor - an area of developable land that is ideal for technology companies and data centers to locate. Our location is ideal because of our broadband access (provided by multiple carriers, affordable and reliable energy, available property and skilled workforce.


In Washington County, businesses benefit from a steady supply of reliable and affordable energy.

  • Access 69 kV – 230 kV >200 MW
  • Excellent Reliability
  • 100% Renewable Options