What’s Next CEO Peer-to-Peer Round Table

The thought of running your own business can be exhilarating. The excitement of making a dream reality or resolving a local consistent business bottleneck is a considerable driving force. But being a small business owner can be a lonely experience. The truth of being in charge is that there can be a constant stream of unforeseen and challenging conflicts to resolve, putting out one fire only to face another. Having a network of associates to turn to who have been through those fires would be an incredible help.

‘What’s Next CEO?’ offers you precisely that opportunity. Our Peer-to-Peer Round Table Events are the perfect environment for small business owners, presidents and CEOs discuss concerns, options and problems impeding their success. Facilitated by Minneapolis Business Mentors, CEO Roundtable Forums™ offer secure environments for the open and confidential discussions necessary to share learning and expertise to help each other drive their businesses forward.

Lee Hall is the What’s Next CEO Business Advisor. His role includes hosting and facilitating the regular recurring roundtables for a cohort of CEOs from Washington County-based small businesses. Contact Lee today at Lee@nextstagemn.org or 612-254-7459.

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