Workforce Resources

Washington County has a large and growing workforce. Between 2020 and 2030 our population of 25 to 34-year-olds is expected to increase by 65 percent. We are prepared to ensure that the proper support structure is in place to ensure that these workers develop the skills they need to be competitive and an asset to our local business population.

The County has a Workforce Development Board comprised of business leaders, organized labor, public agencies, and non-profit organizations. Members are appointed by the County Board and meet ten times per year. The Board work on comprehensive plans to strengthen our community’s workforce and align local skills with in-demand jobs. This type of collaboration is representative of the spirit of Washington County. We are a diverse county, made up of 33 unique communities who believe that we are strongest when working together.

Washington County Community Development takes this same collaborative approach when working with new and existing businesses. We offer workforce training, development and recruitment support while helping businesses to take advantage of regional and statewide programs.

Employment Resources

Washington County offers a variety of resources for residents looking to enter the workforce, expand their skills or advance their career. Workshops are open to any job seeker and include topics ranging from interviewing skills to using LinkedIn to conduct a job search. With over 100,000 residents leaving the county for work every day, our goal is to prepare workers for the jobs being offered by our growing business community. 

Job Seekers

Washington County residents who are looking for a better job or who are unemployed may use the services and programs available through the WorkForce Center to help obtain the support and training necessary to find and keep a job.

Some of the services and programs available include, but are not limited to:

  • Adult/Seniors Program 
  • Career Information 
  • Dislocated Worker Program 
  • Employer Services 
  • Employment and Training 
  • Job Search/Career Exploration Workshops 
  • Job Search Assistance 
  • Labor Market Information 
  • Minnesota Job Bank 
  • Rehabilitation Services 
  • Resource Areas/Internet Use
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • State Services for the Blind 
  • Unemployment Insurance 
  • Veterans Employment 
  • Welfare-to-Work 
  • Youth Program


Washington County’s CareerForce administers programs targeted to dislocated workers, low-income adults, disadvantaged youth and young adults, welfare-to-work participants and low-income seniors. Our goal is to help them become successful in securing and retaining jobs and to enhance marketable skills for the current labor market. Click here for more information.