Beekeeping is the mother of invention for Hugo entrepreneur

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The lives of honeybees are miniscule and complex, but under Steve Woolstencroft’s magnifying lens, it’s easy to appreciate the elegant design of their mysterious lives. 

“Everything’s in focus, no matter what you look at,” Woolstencroft said. “You can see parasites on the bees if they have them, the eggs in there, the stages of the larva and how they’re growing up to the stage just before they cap the cells off. It’s all crystal clear.” 

The lens is a product of Woolstencroft’s own design. It’s made of ABS plastic, the same material as LEGO building blocks, and was printed at home on Woolstencroft’s 3D printer. This lens (humorously titled ICBz) is just one of a range of products Woolstencroft has invented and created in his Hugo home workshop as part of his beekeeping business, Miss Bee Haven. 

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