Jobs in Demand: Computer Systems Analyst

Friday, September 11, 2020

We live in a day and age of technology with devices that can do an immense range of tasks, allowing us to do things like work smarter and quicker as well as stay connected and communicate across physical boundaries or barriers.  Using a broad range of knowledge and skills in data processing and network administration, Computer Systems Analysts contribute to technological advances by implementing new or improving existing computer systems in science, engineering and business.

Computer Systems Analysts are one of the highest in-demand occupations in the state, with hiring activity picking up in recent months. Demand for this occupation was also shown in recent Job Vacancy Survey data, where there were 618 job openings for Computer Systems Analysts in the state.  Most people who are looking to obtain employment as a Computer Systems Analyst will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but may also benefit from industry-recognized credentials or certifications, such as Microsoft Access, C++ and/or Python.  According to DEED’s Educational Requirements for Occupations data, 76% of the Computer Systems Analyst job openings in the state require a bachelor’s degree.

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