Mattson Funeral Home has passed the test of time

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Driving north through Forest Lake’s downtown, one might not think twice about the historical significance of Mattson Funeral Home, 343 North Shore Drive. On the surface, the 20-year-old funeral home and cremation service facility gives no hint of its long tenure here. It is a modern-looking facility that speaks to current times.

But long is its history. This year marks the 100th anniversary for the funeral home in Forest Lake, and its roots go even deeper in Washington County’s history. The business relocated here from Scandia in 1920 after serving families there for many years.

In a century of service, Mattson’s has been under the ownership of the Mattson family – three generations to be exact, and it may have involved a fourth generation, but early family records are sketchy, said Neil Mattson, the third generation involved with the business.

Neil Mattson succeeded his father, Archie Mattson, in 1963. Archie Mattson was the son of Charles Mattson, who relocated the business from Scandia to Forest Lake in 1920. Years ago, Neil Mattson and his father found funeral home records written in Swedish that date back as far as 1890. Although the family can’t document it, Neil Mattson says it is possible that Charles Mattson’s father, Andrew Mattson, may have worked as an undertaker during those early years.

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