Comparative Analysis: Where Does Your Business SizeUp?

Monday, January 16, 2023

If information is power, then SizeUp is the most powerful tool your business needs! SizeUp is a free business intelligence tool available with What’s Next CEO to help business leaders make smarter decisions. 

Having difficulties finding suppliers to complete your operations and customers for your finished product? SizeUp will provide maps of each. Trying to understand the impact of potential competitors in a new sector you may be interested in pursuing? SizeUp will not only locate them but can benchmark how your business would stack up against them.  

Put SizeUp to Work for Your Company

SizeUp can also help identify the best advertising and marketing strategies prior to embarking on a campaign, offering where underserved areas are and current industry revenues.

The Washington County Community Development Agency’s new program - What’s Next CEO - is here to help businesses accelerate their growth in many ways. Contact our small business expert Lee Hall for free assistance with SizeUp today! 

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