Make the Connection Between Employees and Prospective Employers

Monday, January 30, 2023

Quality, engaged employees are one of the engines that put life into a small business. Finding those individuals is often an extremely difficult and time-consuming task for owners and human resource managers. What’s Next CEO is a new resource in Washington County for business leaders to find or train employees. Additionally, residents looking to enter the workforce can get access to organizations that can help them expand their skills or advance their careers.

Connecting employers with prospective employees

What’s Next CEO has a resource database that specializes in assisting small businesses with their workforce needs. These organizations provide direct job placement services and workforce training opportunities. In addition, business leaders can learn from others in similar positions on how they found unique ways to address their workforce development concerns. Learn more about these resources here.

The What’s Next CEO small business expert is Lee Hall. He is ready with free assistance to help businesses through their workforce concerns.

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