Art and beauty in Stillwater

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Stillwater is beautiful, and the city values its art. There’s Union Art Alley, the murals on Len’s Family Foods, and businesses in downtown Stillwater often have their own murals to stand out from their surroundings. At the Stillwater city council meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 2 – a day later than usual due to Night to Unite the day before – the council addressed a few different art projects that should add to the city’s beauty while preserving the historic structures that still stand strong.

Murals of Stillwater

"There are about 21 murals in the city," said councilmember Dave Junker. “Nineteen of them are in downtown, and the other two are the rear and side of Len’s Family Foods.”

The Heritage Preservation Commission is in the business of protecting the historic roots of the city.

When it comes to adding art and murals to the facades of buildings in downtown Stillwater, there are a few considerations a business/property owner must keep in mind.

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