Bonjour, Sweet Paris Crêperie and Café

Monday, December 25, 2023

What does Houston have to do with Paris? And, for that matter, with Woodbury? The story is a delicious one. Back in 2012, a couple of Houston restaurateurs opened a café inspired by the energy and flavors of Paris, focused on a perfectly executed staple of French cuisine: the crêpe. They called their eatery Sweet Paris. “They just loved the dish and the elegance, and they found there wasn’t really anything out there that offered this dish the right way,” says Alberto Landero, Sweet Paris’s chief development officer. “The original idea was just for one store, but it became a phenomenon.” By 2018, there were a handful of Sweet Paris Crêperie and Café locations in the Houston area. More locations blossomed in Miami and at resort towns in Mexico. The newest café location—right here in our own backyard—makes number 15.

Bringing Sweet Paris to Woodbury are strategic partners Dustin Wetzel, Pete Thelen and Dan Vansteenburg. “We started looking at opportunities for us to branch out with new and exciting brands,” Wetzel says. “We came across the Sweet Paris concept.” The trio traveled to Houston and spent a day immersed in the crêperie experience. “We were absolutely blown away by the experience—the look, the taste,” Wetzel says. “We were so excited to explore the possibility of doing this in the Minnesota market.”

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